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Stories about a petty thief driven by luck and love, a slave girl torn between her master and his mortal enemy, and a misanthrope drawn into a strange duplicity, must all be brought to vivid life by a princess trying to save her own. 

The Nights revisits and reimagines tales that have been told across centuries to listeners in various contexts: as exotic entertainments sold at markets, as moral fables told to children, and as chronicles of the continuing dream and desire for power. At its heart it pulls us into the inner chamber of Scheherazade, our storyteller who must enchant her captor and muse across the stretch of a thousand and one nights so she can be a survivor, so she can be a witness.


This show is supported by Festival Mondial Des Theatres De Marionnettes, Charleville-Mezeires, France.

arabian nights



This is an online production which has been created in Covid-19 lockdown period with the support of Helios Theatre, Germany being the co-producer.


It is about a town on a hill. A perfectly ordinary town, ruled over by an extremely popular King. A town which people leave in droves in fear of a monster that terrifies it. A town at war, where people are banned from reading books of their choice. In this town lives Guddu, separated from his family after the monster's attack. In this town lives Chhotu, who reads books in secret, and asks dangerous questions. When Teelapur's warriors return from a war they no longer understand, they join hands with Chhotu and Guddu to take on the monster.

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Mid Day

Wool Symph




Wool Symphony is a short performance for the very young audience, below the age 6. It grasps the attention of the toddlers to the fanciful treatment of imaginative trip of Wool as material itself. The whole idea is to trigger the creative perception of children in a musical rhythms along with the symphonic movements of Wool as “wool” itself, which also woke up the sense of materiality amongst children about wooliness of Wool.


This short performance was created during the two months (from 4th Dec’2017 to 17th Jan’2018) of intense workshop on material theatre organised by Katkatha at Katkatha studio, New Delhi, India. It was mentored by Barbara Kölling, an artistic director of Helios Theatre in Hamm, Germany. She specialises in performances for infants and toddlers and explores ways to communicate at their eye level.

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Creative Yatra

Life in progres




Old newspapers and trash, a rag picker, creepy crawlies, creatures from nightmares, dreamscapes, nebulous faces, dismembered hands, plastic bottles, curious people, devouring mouth, grabbing hands, running, masking, unmasking and more trash... life in progress or is it progress?

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2016 (Premier Still Running)

Mahabharata, was created with the support of the Festival Mondial Des Theatresde Marionnettes, Charleville- Mezeires, France. It explores the inner dilemma and back stories of 14 characters in the play. Each character in the Mahabharata is an archetype whose single minded and unquestioning loyalty to one belief leads to the inevitable conflict. Was there ever a moment when each of these human beings by making a choice, the choice of letting go, could have averted the war?




This show was created with support from LINZ09, EU Cultural Capital for 2009 and premiered at Linz, Austria in September 2009. The show has since toured to Zurich, Berne, and Basel in Switzerland and Chennai in India.

Having made a side door entry into the world of India’s biggest obsession, Bollywood Bandwagon stands on the edge of a film set watching the goings-on without any coloured glasses. But being a true-blue voyeur, gradually the play makes its way into the more intimate spaces of the industry—some secret, some forgotten and some taken for granted. Using live feed and humanettes (human heads with puppet bodies) this show hopes to alter the way Bollywood films are watched.

little blue planet



Commissioned by the Climate Change Project-India in 2008 this performance was created to take the complex concept of Climate Change and Global Warming to little children. This show has been performed over 100 times across India and in Russia. The show is a journey of a little blue planet earth who in the show is literally a little child, called Erthu, from birth to early childhood, playing with clay to make birds, animals and forests. And finally the little Erthu makes a human. The human starts to cut trees, makes factories, cities. The little blue planet starts to fall sick, choke and suddenly gets transformed into a dying old man.

about ram


About Ram was created with a performance grant from the India Foundation for the Arts and in collaboration with animator Vishal Dar and master puppeteer S.Chidambara Rao, from the Tolu Bommalattam form of Andhra Pradesh. It is an experimental theatrical piece using excerpts from the Bhavbhuti's Ramayana and told through animation, digitally projected dance, masks and puppets.


As the name suggests, the performance is about Ram, the prince of Ayodhaya who is sent on a long journey far away from his home when he is exiled by his father along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. Sita is kidnapped by Ravana the king of Lanka and kept prisoner. As Ram sits by the ocean looking at Lanka across its vastness his life flashes by, he feels powerless and dejected as he longs to fly across the ocean to his beloved Sita. The puppeteers help him by projecting his desires into the mask of the super hero Hanuman which attaches itself to Rams face, at one turning him into a super powerful simian who leaps across the ocean and reaches Sita.

In this journey and the bloody war that follows with Ravan, Ram becomes a king, forced to choose between the duty of the throne and the love of his wife.He rules alone for the next 10,000 years.

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