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2016 was a special year for us. We turned 18 and we got our own new space to further explore our puppetry encounters. Our space is at the Southern border of Delhi, 12 kilometers from the city centre. The population around is dense and semi urban.



Training Programs for Youth creating new puppeteers


Since the beginning Katkatha has remained a community of artists who were pulled into the group because of their love of the arts in general and puppetry specifically. Many of these were teenagers who were a part of a Katkatha workshop and then wanted to learn more, many came from community based youth workshops. These young people then trained within the group, joined the group as a puppeteer and then went on to found their own company. Some of these organizations that our members joined us from are Salaam Balak Trust (since 2001), Kutumb Foundation and Manzil (April 2008).

Annual Kalaripayattu training - This training is compulsory for all Katkatha members and is also open to public for a small fee each year. Vinod Kadingal, master practitioner and trainer of Kalaripayattu,  from Trichur in Kerala spends twenty one days at the Katkatha studio.



Trainings culminating in shows


Team Katkatha has also worked with other groups of performers to train them to be puppeteers and devised performances using puppets, masks, material etc.


2013 | National School of Drama

Theatre in Education Repertory Company - Direction and Production by team Katkatha of this play for National through an 8-week training and creation process.
This show has been performed over 150 times across India. 


2019 |  Sandbox Collective, Bangalore
In this collaboration, 10 artists from Bangalore started with a short workshop which developed into a process of devising story ideas, improvisations and puppet building which culminating in the performance 1..2..tree

Training for Theatre Schools

Team Katkatha annually undertakes trainings with Drama courses. These are mostly parts of actors, directors or designer courses in Drama schools, or as extra curriculum at other university courses. These have included


Bangalore NSD Workshop

May, 2013 |  Created by students in a 10-day workshop

Annual Residential Training Program:  An Introduction to Puppetry

Intensive Bunraku Workshop | 2017
This first one week program was held at the Katkatha studio and had 8 participants (2016)















Intensive Shadow Workshop | 2018
A residential workshop of 10 days held at Savitri Villa in Mussoorie, with 10 participants from across India and from the U.S and Netherlands.

Intensive Table top and Storytelling with puppets workshop | 2019 A residential workshop of 2 weeks held at Savitri Villa in Mussoorie, with 10 participants from across India.

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