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To support a professionally set up and managed space for the promotion, preservation and development of Puppet Theatre and allied arts. 

  • This includes the creation of original productions using puppets, masks, objects, props with choreography, puppet animation, actors and music

  • Collaborations and co-productions with artists from different art forms from across India and the world

  • The Training Programs committed to training the next generation of puppeteers and creating a new space to seedbed new puppet groups and companies by holding annual master-classes, mentorship projects, and residencies.

  • Touring puppet theatre that frequents international and Indian Puppet, Performing Arts and Theatre Festivals.

  • Applied Puppetry or Projects with communities, schools and conflict zones.

  • To create a new puppet theatre audiences in India through festivals, educational institutions, at public spaces and communities. 

  • To take Indian puppetry forms to the rest of the world, raise the bar of puppetry by bringing professionalism within puppet theatre practice in India.

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