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To promote puppet theatre by setting very high standards and pushing its boundaries in all its forms. To create a new puppet theatre audiences in India through festivals, educational institutions, at public spaces and communities. To take Indian puppetry forms to the rest of the world, and to train professional puppeteers and create professionalism within puppet theatre practice in India.


To create performances using new techniques of puppet animation and design, to collaborate with other artists from different disciplines. To tour shows across India and the world evolving puppet scripts and dramaturgy in puppet performances, to train children, youth and adults in puppet theatre. To create awareness and curiosity about the form and to expand audiences.

To train professional puppeteers who will push the bar of the form, through workshops, masterclasses, mentor projects and internships. To seek a dialogue between traditional puppet theatre and contemporary practices. Looking at questions of collaborations between traditional form and modern expression. To create a body of documentation of puppet theatre practice and thought. To seek relevance for puppet theatre outside the "Theatre" space by engaging with audiences through visual arts exhibitions, in museums, in village communities, at the Katkatha studio neighbourhood, urban communities, sites of mass movements, local schools etc.

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